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Dr Brown's Pacifier & Bottle Wipes

Dr Brown's Pacifier & Bottle Wipes

Great for use on the go, the Dr. Brown's 40-Pack Pacifier and Bottle Wipes cleans bottles, cups, utensils and pacifiers when you can't steam or boil them for sterilization. Designed to reduce saliva transfer without leaving a residue behind.

Keep your little one's bottle, pacifier and even toys clean when out and about by wiping them down with Dr. Brown's Pacifier and Bottle Wipes

40 pack

Reduces saliva transfer

Promotes good oral health

Does not leave a residue behind

Fragrance-, alcohol-, SLS-, formaldehyde- and paraben-free

Made with plant-based xylitol

Pack measures 7.6" L x 3.6" W

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