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Ingenuity 3 pack swaddle- Rising Sun

Ingenuity 3 pack swaddle- Rising Sun

About this item

Keep your baby calm and comforted with the SwaddleMe by Ingenuity Monogram Collection Swaddle in small/medium. This swaddle fits babies ages 0-3 months, 7-14 pounds, and up to 26 inches long

Swaddling baby is easier than ever. This adjustable swaddle blanket wraps around baby for a perfect fit, creating a womb-like feeling for your little one

Worried about keeping baby secure? We have you covered. The super soft, unique pocket fold design makes for easy diaper changes too - no snaps, zippers, or hooks needed

This soft and cozy swaddle is made of durable natural fiber (100% cotton) and is machine-washable. The snug fit helps prevent the startle reflex; Oeko-Tex certified

This swaddle is part of Stage 1 in the SwaddleMe Stages of Healthy Sleep, made for newborns who aren't rolling over yet and like to be swaddled with their arms in

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