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Earth Mama Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea

Earth Mama Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea

SKU: 10526480

Earth Mama’s 100% Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea has herbs traditionally used to soothe period cramps, support healthy menstruation and tone the uterus to prepare for childbirth. It supports a woman throughout her life, starting with her very first period as a teen through to pregnancy and beyond. Sip as often as needed, ladies! Raspberry leaf and your uterus will become new best friends.

Suggested use: 1-3 cups per day. Always check with your herb-knowledgeable healthcare provider to find out what’s best for you.

•It's like push-ups for the uterus!

•Now individually wrapped!

•USDA Certified 100% Organic by Oregon Tilth

•Non-GMO Project Verified

•Certified Kosher by EarthKosher

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