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Me, You, and the NICU

Me, You, and the NICU

SKU: 81138639

Receive a *signed* SOFT COVER COPY of "Me, You, and the NICU", a personalized thank you from the author, a handpicked gift and a NICU keepsake resource when you purchase the book by the author. 

Author: Paige Bautz

Illustrator: Angela Gooliaff



When a child starts life in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), they look so little, so vulnerable. But with mom and medical professionals close by, soon fewer and fewer machines are beeping away. Before long, mother and child get to go home and start their life together outside of the hospital.

No one expects their child to end up in the NICU, and when they do it can be an isolating experience. This experience, still, gives them unexpected time together, in the quiet. This book celebrates those tender moments, acknowledging the fear while also embracing the beauty of every child who’s born into the world. It is a book of hopeful reflection, sharing the details of the NICU experience.

The NICU Keepsake resource:

This is a guide for any NICU family to create a "NICU KEEPSAKE" box. If you are purchasing the book and are not going through the NICU, please gift it to a friend who is.


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